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Full Version: how to split a track with more than one MIDI channel
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Hi all,

I have import a midi file to muse2. Now I have one track with differed midi channels.
How can split a track with more than one MIDI channel in to separate tracks?



I'm not sure what you mean.
Each MusE track has only one output channel and port.
So I don't understand "one track with different channels."

I can try the file and see where the trouble might be, if you would like.
Post a link or send it to me.

Maybe you've found a bug or lack of feature in MusE...

thanks for the answer. I fount the problem. I thought my midi file was a Midi 0 Format with different channels, which I record and save with rosegarden, but all events are on channel one. So muse put all in on track.
I try some other MIDI 0 and MIDI 1 Files. Muse load all with no problems.
Now everything is ok. thanks

I found something else.
Muse can not import midi files with german letters like ä, ö and ü

and thanks for the report!
I'm guessing that you are talking about the filename as I can import midis with local chars in their internal data.
I'm trying out a fix right now.