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Is there a basic help file for MusE??? - jivy59 - 01-18-2013

I have looked everywhere I can think of for a basic "how to" file for Muse. Is there any info designed for musicians instead of computer programers? Just need to be able to handle normal musical things like polishing dynamics and balance. Can't find anyway to even select the measures that I want to work with.

I don't need installation or compile instructions - just how to manipulate music in Muse. If the manul covers this sort of thing, I have not been able to find it.


Re: Is there a basic help file for MusE??? - spamatica - 02-05-2013

Hi jivy59,

sorry for the delay!

This is unfortunately the bane of many a open source project, the documentation is not very good nor up to date.

I've created some video tutorials that are linked from the homepage
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We've got a better manual in the works, the sources for this is in the source package but we should put a prerelease pdf there too.
I'll try to make this available.
In the meantime you are ofcourse welcome to ask specific questions to your hearts content.


Re: Is there a basic help file for MusE??? - terminator356 - 02-23-2013

Just a quick note.

Some movement just happened on this front in the SVN trunk which
will be in the next release. So stay tuned for it.

We'll now install pre-built documentation: PDF and HTML.

Actually if you want to see it right now before release you can simply take a peek
at the PDFs or HTMLs in the SVN repo (trunk) with Sourceforge's browser on our project page.

It's in doc/pdf and doc/html.