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Export wav track - janhovorka - 05-30-2013

is there some easy way how to export each wave track into a single wav file?
I need "aligned" wav files (of the same length) one per each track. My tracks consist of more than one part and these parts usually do not start at time "0".

Thanks for answer.

Re: Export wav track - terminator356 - 06-16-2013

Hello. Sorry for the late reply. We're a bit slower answering here, try the
mailing lists for immediate response.

Hm, let's see, you have a couple of options at your disposal:

Create a new blank wave track or use an existing one, and using the track routing features
(the 'plug' looking icons), route one or more other wave tracks into this wave track.
Record-arm the new wave track, then hit transport record+play, and MusE will record everything
from the routed wave tracks into this wave track. Stop when desired.

Use the 'Bounce' features (Arranger menu) to mix down 'what you hear' either to a file directly or to a wave track.
It mixes everything you hear from one chosen Audio Output track down to the new wave track,
so remember to mute any wave tracks you didn't want to include in the mix.
The neat thing about 'Bounce' is there's a Global Setting in the audio section that turns on
Jack Freewheel mode. This dramatically speeds up bounces, a whole song will bounce
in mere seconds instead of having to wait until it finishes playing at normal speed.
* Ahem: Try not to interrupt Bounce though, there are bugs where we don't come out the mode correctly.

Does this help at all?