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VST trouble to control
i am taking this thread to this forum as it seems like to most active one.

My problem was that the VST did not respond to my recorded CC data. I use LinuxMint17.2, KXStudio, Muse version = 2.2.1

- the VST is a dll, Alfa Free VST
- the ddsi-vst bridge works fine, it is very stable

What i do:
- rightclick in the Automation part of the track of the VST
- choose, for example, CC33 of my midi controller
- assign and midi learn it to, for example, the filter cutoff of the VST. When i move the slider of my midi controller, i see the knob of Alfa Free moving. This means the connections is made
- i record the CC33 in a midi track that points to ALfa Free and can confirm that the movements have been recorded.
- But when i play back the track, the VST cutoff filter does NOT move although it should receive the midi CC33 - and that is the part that i do not understand.
I assigned CC33 to a function in the VST instrument but it does not respond when played back?

What am i doing wrong?
The .med file is attached.

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