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VST connections lost after re-opening

we have encountered a problem that we hope can be resolved.
A VST instrument (dll, using Wine) is connected to a midi track and via a USB midi controller the midi controller data is being recorded. Buttons on the VST are moving as it should and it all sounds great and works all right. So we save the song.

Problem occurs after re-opening the song: it takes a while before the med file is loaded. The med file is 1.2M and should contain all midi controller data and all the assigned connection data to the VST buttons.
But all the connections to and from the VST instrument are lost, the song is NOT in the state it was when we saved it. We have to make the connections to the VST buttons all over again. We think this is a bug?

I could not attach the med file for you to try out, because of its size. So i have made it available here:

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VST connections lost after re-opening - by Menno - 01-23-2016, 04:33 PM

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