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cannot verify playback
Hello.  I recently began using "Lubuntu" more extensively.  I have used MuseScore in recent years on KDE Mini-me, LXDE, and Windows 7.  I do not have an open audio device at this time,
so I am using the T5212 E-machines Realtek based motherboard codec as Alsa in Lubuntu and in MusE.  I am a user, not a developer.  Although I am concerned about timing anomoly
that can occur at Alsa's current stated 250hz operation, I am more concerned at this stage with just confirming audible playback of any kind.    I have confirmed audio file .wav playback
is audible/operational.  However my available midi interfaces seem to be unsupported.  I tried:  Motu Pocket Express (parallel); Midiman Biport 2x4 (serial); and a more contemporary interface:
a "USB2.0-midi"  interface. The last one gives signs of a form of recognition, but is unusable.  I have used this device in LXDE with Muse Score, and am prepared to reassign it to MusE/
Lubuntu  permanently. Also, I am confused about Alsa playback of softsynths. I am using Pulse Audio Volume control, and I tried "Alsa Modular Synth" after the above mentioned midi interfaces did not verify audible playback via Alsa/Pulse. I am interested in active Jack process, but I guess without a supported midi interface such as USB Midi-sport,
 I am stuck with Alsa.  I expected that softsynths would playback through Alsa but they won't so far.  I attempted to configure the list that includes "fluid synth".  Other programs have generic
sound fonts that activate upon software installation.  Must I download soundfonts to expect any softsynth playback?  If so, is this prioritized over the remaining list of softsynths?  I have
some of my own soundfonts, but I would rather use a synaptic download, thank you.  But I would rather use a non-soundfont soft synth first to verify Alsa playback.  I experimented with
"QT" and a Jack package, but they must not have integrated with Alsa/MusE, because we could not find a formula for verified Alsa playback.  I am familiar with the score notation process
in MusE, and the demo .mid files and I used these as a basis for attempted softsynth playback.  So can I get softsynth playback with my current configuration, or is there particular
syntax I should enter in a terminal,  or should I be prepared to skip all this until I can aquire a supported midi interface? I should also mention that I currently must use a midi keyboard,
not a sequencer for midi input.
Sincerely, Evan Mundy

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