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Export to wav or mp3 the entire session midi+audio
Hello everyone, I am new to Muse.
Many years ago, I used Cubase Atari 1040ST, but the years pass and the machines break, reaching the moment of updating itself.
So I'm walking around with various open source programs running under ubuntu 14.04.
I really like Muse, and is easy to use, but I'm looking for a way to export in wav format (or mp3) an entire session of midi + audio.
There any way to do it easily?


Hi, for the moment I've found the utility jack_capture_gui, from terminal ... and I can export in wav all I can hear from the output.

This is enough for me, but if there is another way, please help me. tnx

This functionality is already built in muse - You can export everything to wav file by choosing "Audio->Bounce to File" menu.
Don't forget to set left and right markers - they will restrict the region to be exported Smile.


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