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Instrument definiton

As I mentioned in my previous post, I writing an instrument definition for my psr-e423. To save time I took the Psr-275 change the name correct data and new patchs. Doing things that way I end up with names of the instruments not in the same order as on the keyboard since the editor does not allow to insert patchs. No problems I taught , I'll open the .inf in a text application and make the changes there, but that doesn't work, nothing has changed when I open Muse.

Any solutions?
Hi. So you remembered to make a copy of the PSR-275 .IDF file, and change not only the file name
but also the line at the top: <MidiInstrument name="Yamaha PSR-275">
Do not directly edit the file in the installation tree. User instruments (or edited copies) go elsewhere.
If you are using RC2 the file should go into HOME/.config/MusE/instruments.

I believe the exact order of appearance of items in the .IDF file, not their program number,
determines the order they are shown in our instrument editor.
After that just make sure your program numbers match the device's and you should be OK.


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