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Managing Midi
In the Track Info column for a midi track I can't figure out what the output routing button does on a midi track. It click as a bttuon an appear "in" or "out" but nothinmg happens to it.
Any news on access to the wiki?
About the Wiki:
The Login/Create Account is found in the upper right corner of the MusE Wiki.
Look closely - it is hard to see, it is a dark grey colour. It should turn red when mouse is hovered over it.

About the midi routing buttons:
Input Routing button should popup a list of available recording midi ports + channels.
Output Routing button does not show any midi ports or channels.
It may in the future. But for now midi tracks only support one output midi port + channel.
So, Output Routing button for now only shows Audio Inputs (this is for midi-to-audio solo chaining).

Which version are you using and what distro? The SVN release_2_0 branch has up-to-the-minute
fixes and features, if you want to try it. Soon the release 2.0 should be out...
Can you describe your system a bit more? Hardware, running Jack or ALSA etc..

Thanks for the response, this is where I am with versions etc.
I use Fedora 16 most of the time. I am not a musician but have set up a Fedora 32 bit laptop for my daughter and her friend who want to be able to record some demo tracks where they add voice to a previously recorded midi.
One of them does the composition and the other sings.

My versions are all the ones you get from planetccrma where I get Alsa Modular Synth from and spend most of my time playing with that.
As a physicist, ams appeals to me.

So, on the laptop that I am setting up for them (which is a HP6720s Celeron 2GHz memory 1Gb)

Jack 1.9.8
QJackctl 0.3.8
Muse 2.0rc2
kernel 3.2.2-2.i686 which is a bit out of line but 3.2.5 screws the wireless.
MuseScore 1.1 4611

I have done a tutorial on creating the midi in MuseScore, importing it into Muse
Singing a track alongside and bouncing the result to a wav file.

I am working on Mastering said track with Jamin and contemplating where I sit in the loudness wars.

BTW, alsaplayer appear in your list but seems to be a pretty dead project, any idea where I can get the visualiser that comes with alsaplayer?
Hi there,

sounds like a great plan there getting a recording studio for your kids, I hope it worked out!
As for wiki access an account is needed, please get hold of us on the mailinglist if you wish to contribute (I added a blurb on the wiki about that too)
I had a look at the alsaplayer homepage and it seems a bit slow (who isn't...hrm..) but not dead. Was a while since I tried it but I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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