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recorded waveform will not display in arrange view
I am using the Muse sequencer in Linux. When I record something, the clips show up with a flat line-like nothing was recorded, like silence. The arrange view does not show the graphical waveform once I record on a track, even though when I play it back or open it into a detailed editor the waveform is there. Is there a setting somewhere to turn this "feature" on, so I can see the waveform? Or is it a bug in the program? I am using Muse 2.0 running on AV linux. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

That sounds very odd indeed. I'm not aware of any such bug, can't recall any setting for it, the default is definitely to show wave-forms.
I assume, since you managed to record, you are somewhat familiar with input-tracks, audio-tracks, and output-tracks.
A part does appear on the audio track then? And it make sound when you play it back...
The only thing I can think of is that the signal is too low to be visible in the arranger.
What if you expand the track in the arranger?


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