Compiling MusE

  • If you are compiling with QT 3.2 you will get an error about too old QT version for certain *.ui files. This can be remedied by editing them and changing the string "3.3" on the first line to "3.2". The affected files are:
    • muse/widgets/metronomebase.ui
    • synti/deicsonze/deicsonzeguibase.ui
    • synti/deicsonze/newpreset.ui

Using MusE

  • If not all audio tracks are heard when you start playback for the first time, try again. There's an initialization bug somewhere that sometimes silences audio in the beginning.
  • Unloading soundfonts in Fluid while sound is going through it sometimes leads to zombification, let the audio go silent first.
  • Punch in does not work on audio tracks
  • It is not possible to load/convert old muse songs, yet...
  • Fluidsynth and some chorus settings don't work well together, use LADSPA instead.
  • metronome precount does not work. With current JACK transport interface this cannot be implemented. MusE has no control over when the transport is actually started because of "slow sync" clients. For now you have to simulate precount by adding a few measures
  • If the volume levels on the midi strips in the mixer is not correctly set after loading a song, try loading from the commandline.
  • Support for VST Instruments is very dependent on which Wine version is available, YMMV.
  • It's not possible to delete a VST Instrument
  • Bigtime window sometimes displays the _bigtime_ in 10pt size, if you resize the font will get bigger.

If you have other problems, please check out our bug tracker:

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