External syncronization is now implemented and usable but there are a number of limitations

  • Sync with MTC not implemented.
  • Looping is possible but syncronization is temporarily very shaky just after the loop has occured.
  • Biggest supported jack buffer is 512 frames (at 44.1 khz), transport relocation is a problem with bigger buffers.
  • Tempo changes does not work, as Master it does not work at all, as slave the changes have to be small, sync algorithm is too slow.

Midi instruments

(Update: fixed for 0.8.1) When pressing stop instruments are not silenced correctly. For most the PANIC button does the trick, for some e.g VAM the Midi->Reset Instr. helps.

Project Loading

When loading a project from the [Open] menu alternative mixer settings are not always correctly initialized if the system is under heavy load, try loading the project from command line: muse /home/foo/songs/


  • Automation of audio is not complete and may not work at all
  • Connecting several outputs of audio tracks to paths that will later join may cause noise, especially with small frame settings
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