How to use windows VST plugins with MusE 0.7? Latest MusE adds some preliminary support for VST/windows software synthesizer.

You need:

  1. library fst-1.5 from
  2. wine-20040505 from
  3. VST plugin

How To:

  • configure MusE with option --enable-vst
  • compile & install
  • install a VST dll (try "Delay Lama.dll" from
  • apply fstconfig (part of fst-1.5 package) to your vst directory. This produces a *.fst file from every *.dll.
  • set the environmentvariable VST_PATH to your vst directory

Now you can start MusE. Look at Settings->MidiPorts/SoftSynths. A new "Delay Lama" synthi appears.

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