MusE 0.7.1 has finally been released.

This release is mainly a bugfix release, though a number of new features have been added. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Notable new features

  • New synths
    • DeicsOnze from Alin Weiller
    • SimpleDrums from Mathias Lundgren
  • Audio metronome
  • Some new instrument definition files:
    • Alesis QSR,QS7 and QS8
    • Access Virus
    • Hammond XB
    • Waldorf Microwave
    • ZynAddSubFx

Notable things that are planned but not yet in this release

  • Getting external-midi-sync to work again
  • reading of muse 0.6.x songfiles

Notable bugs

  • See the errata section on the homepage for the latest:

A selection of changes from the ChangeLog

  • Now the length is updated when importing a midi file to a project, fixes bug: 1056994
  • Disabled freewheeling for bounce functions (song.cpp:_bounce)
  • Fixed bug: 1094622, MidiTransform now uses new controller types
  • Fixed bug with custom plugin guis that caused them to be uninitialized
  • Fixed a crash problem when using several fluidsynths
  • Now fluidsynth restores most memory upon deletion
  • Fixed crash / hang when closing connected jack apps
  • Insertion of tempo events in list mastereditor added
  • Added support for changing time signature in list master editor
  • Added support for changing tempo + position of tempoevents in list mastereditor
  • Backported auto rec-enable from HEAD branch
  • Added visual feedback of marker addition in ruler as well as possibility to remove markers with shift+rmb
  • Made it easier to resize the last track (bug: 1041798)
  • Fixed bug: 966005, new projects are now called "untitled"
  • fixed bug: 1085791, no more crashes with delete + drag
  • Listedit bugfixes. Consideration of part offset used for events
  • Fix for bug #1085796 (when renaming channel by doubleclicking it in tracklist and a part is selected, pressing return opens editor for part)
  • -a (No Audio) flag added, improved Dummy audio backend
  • fixed import of type 0 midi files
  • fix midi import: tick values of tempo/signature and marker events are now properly converted to internal resolution (backport from 0.8)
  • Added Alsa Timer as a new timing device
  • Made some changes to how threads are created, for systems where thread creation has been erratic, linux2.6 in various configurations.

For a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog.       Regards,
/MusE Development team

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