MusE 0.8 is here at last!

MusE 0.8 was originally intended to be called 0.7.2 but for various reasons (featuritis, time, and because 'I wanna!') we decided to call it 0.8. This is most likely the last release in the old series, next up is the much rewritten 1.0.

This release contains a number of new features lots of stability and usability improvements. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Notable new features

  • Syncronization with external hardware using Midi Clock now works (see Errata for known limitations)
  • Support for restaring jack during runtime
  • Import and export of midi parts with drag&drop support
  • Import of plugin-presets with drag&drop support
  • Internal lightweight wave editor + link to external editor
  • Lots and lots of improvements, see compressed ChangeLog below
  • New instrument definition files:
    • Emu Proteus 200
    • Roland E-28
    • Roland SCD-70
    • Yamaha PSR-275
    • MC-505
    • Roland Fantom XR
    • Roland SRX-02
    • Roland SRX-09
    • Waldorf-Q
    • Yamaha 01v
    • Yamaha Motif
    • Yamaha P100
  • Translations
    • New polish translation
    • New german translation
    • Updated swedish translation
    • Updated french translation
    • Updated russian translation

Notable known issues

  • See the errata section on the homepage for the latest:

Compressed list of changes from the ChangeLog

  • Extern sync with partial looping support
  • muse now starts even if jack is not found
  • fixed a number of divide by zero errors mainly affecting zoom
  • Updated/improved swedish translation.
  • Fix for softsynths going silent under load.
  • amd64 fix for rtc timer
  • Added updated french translation from Intent
  • Fixed crash bug in pianoroll when moving several events outside part.
  • Added popup when enabling rec for a track unable to create it's wave file
  • Enlarged listeditor dialog (FR:1392090)
  • Fixed crash bug when arrowing left in an empty editor
  • Fixed bug in detection of RTC
  • Organ softsynth did not work correctly
  • VAM softsynth did not work correctly
  • Changed audio prefetch buffer to be dynamically sized after the jack buffers
  • Fixed race condition between threads caused lockup upon quit and load project.
  • dynamically extends parts, fixes bug:1363066 Paste outside segment
  • now tries both RTC and Alsa (in that sequence) for main timer
  • updated muse_ru.ts from Alexandre Prokoudine
  • removed assert, fixes bug:1376783, deleting track with pianoroll open crashes muse
  • fixed crash bug for showing plugin-guis when the plugin did not exist
  • fixed seg fault when deleting last note in pianoroll editor
  • removed some dubious locks in thread start
  • Fixed bug 1329537 (User defined fonts not updated)
  • added emuproteus200.idf from Piotr Sawicki
  • added polish translation from Piotr Sawicki
  • Handle restart of Jack and restart of audio
  • Added new timer classes from Jonathan Woithe.
  • Solo for audio tracks improved by removing the possibility to mute Output tracks
  • Implemented REPLACE for midi recording
  • Fixes for Appearance dialog, background pic, event display
  • Marker window now toggling
  • Added "raise" to more dialog windows
  • bounce now stops correctly
  • Fixed position of import of wave files, inserted at cursor, now inserts at mouse
  • Added drag&drop support to plugin racks in mixer, internal and to/from disk
  • Added quick search to LADSPA plugin dialog
  • Implemented resize of waveparts
  • Added Idf files by Steve D for Roland FantomXR, SRX-02 and SRX-09
  • Internal wave editor enabled with common operations, fade, cut, amplify, etc
  • Fixed bug with loading of background pixmaps
  • Fixed bug 1199171 (Time change: a part does not completely fit into 4 bars), part resize problem
  • Added scrollwheel support for vertical scrolling in arranger, pianoroll and drumeditor
  • Fixed bug 1056996: Multiple selection, but single paste. Possible to copy several parts in arranger
  • Fixed bug 1092424: bug in reposition of instruments in drumeditor
  • Fix for drumtracks and part export/import
  • Fix for opening Midi port/softsynth dialog when already open (now raised and set to active window)
  • Added export/import of midi parts (.mpt-files), drag & drop also possible
  • Fix for generating midi clock
  • Added Roland E-28 idf file from Jonathan Woithe (js)
  • Allows for several midi devices with the same name
  • Fix for bug 1198747, tests for fluidsynth and rtcap in
  • Fix for bug 1198744, added patch for reading browser setting from config without crashing, from Philip Nelson
  • Fix for bug 1188767, downmix won't stop playback until reaching the right marker
  • the instrument list in the drumeditor now has fixed width when resizing the window
  • added nudge event position left/right w keyboard (ctrl+left/rightarrow as default) to pianoroll and drumeditor
  • added fixed length command to pianoroll, uses snap-to value
  • added snap/quantize patch from Petr Mazanec (snap of notes in pianoroll+drumeditor is now controlled by snap, not quantize)
  • simpledrums: added save/load of setup to file, bugfixes. simpledrums version is now 1.0 (go figure! ;)
  • No longer crashed when enabling audio metronome when there's an aux
  • fluidsynth: bankno is saved to project, switched to hbank from lbank
  • make sleep() in watchdog thread non interruptible to avoid watchdog timeouts at startup
  • added vst preallocation of memory "fix"
  • More fixes to filenames containing dots (for instance wca files)
  • Added Yamaha-PSR275 instrument file by Petr Mazanec
  • fixed patch-info issue in Fluidsynth (bug 1191214)
  • fixed bug w paste in drumeditor, 1189267, patch from P Mazanec
  • Fixed bug 1152441, filename can now have several dots
  • Fixed bug 1183980: fluidsynth pitch controller wasn't given to MusE from the synth
  • Added an error popup when importing wave files fails.
  • added support for german localization
  • help: changed muse homepage location
  • Fix for overflow when importing midi
  • Added some fixed on dialog handling, mainly "esc" will close the widget now.
  • New icons
  • Added Roland-SCD70.idf from Emiliano Grilli
  • New version of MC505.idf from Wim VW
  • Added script to convert MusE 0.6 songs to 0.7-0.8 format

For a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog.

Source download available here:
Sourceforge download location.

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