In the art section of the MusE page you will find ideas which are intented to improve look'n'feel of MusE. This intention is needed because it's a fact that even the best program won't get used if it's potential users don't like it's outfit.

If you are a graphic designer or at least an interestet in doing some nice graphical stuff and you would like to contribute, you could do some of the following things:

  • enhance existing icons / create new and nice icons
  • splash screens for comming major releases
  • improve our webdesign
  • create fan art (anything wanted ;-)
  • improve look'n'feel of our homepage content (like looking trough articles and changing the layout)

We can learn lots of this page:

MusE design ideas

The redirect during homepage move ;-)

MusE featuring k3b like menus'. Hopefully we have this in the next release. This would make MusE even more fun!

Here the focus was on the yellow collor, not the picture itselfe. It's not done or finished!

This is our current used logo. The idea was something that isn't used already but still is related to music. It's best suited to be placed on graphics related to MusE. The users will be able to see the relation to MusE immediately. Also everyone is welcome to use this icon as banner which can be added to music downloads if the music was done with MusE.

The MusE logo by Joachim Schiele.

Splash Screen

This is a picture supplied by Andreas Schoeller, a proposal for a next splash screen. Done with Photoshop.

This one was made by Joachim Schiele and is used for the comming 0.8 series of MusE. Done with blender & gimp.

A coproduction by Moritz Dressler & Joachim Schiele. Done with blender & gimp. Click for the gimp image source.

This harp below was made with moonlight, the first 3D app i've been using with linux. Now i'm using blender, which is much advanced in many areas.

harp.png by Joachim Schiele. Done with Moonlight3d.

Some variants of the harp by Robert Jonsson:

As Logo

As Icon

As Icon but a little brighter

The MusE Icon. It's the same image as the one above but thanks to Emiliano Grilli who has croped it to the right size, it's now also a nice icon.

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