Here you find a short description on how you can get the development version running.

MusE 3.0

Currently development on muse happens on github in the following project

To download the current development version to your computer use a terminal and type:

git clone

A folder muse will be created in the dir you are standing, containing the full source code for the development version of muse.


The main source of build instructions is in the file muse/muse3/README


All dependencies should be listed in the README file


The easy way to build if nothing needs to be changed and you want a release build is to execute the script:


in the muse/muse3 folder.

This will configure and build the entire package. Some optional packages may not be built if the corresponding development packages are not found, e.g fluidsynth support requires libfluidsynth development packages installed

To install MusE enter the build directory and perform:

make install


sudo make install

if root support is not already available

A step by step build instruction is in the README file.

Using Qt Creator for development

Qt5 comes with a development environment Qt Creator that can be recommended for developing MusE.
If Qt Creator is fairly recent it has support for opening the CMakeLists.txt directly. The wizard asks you to run cmake and you should point it to the correct build dir and let it run cmake, after this you should be good to go.

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