HOWTO for good audio setup:

Tutorials for MusE:

Tutorials (de) about Linuxaudio:

Useful sites

Know How


  • LADSPA Linux Audio Developers`s Simple Plugin API, has links to other plugin sites.
  • Freeverb Jezars high quality reverb plugin (already included with MusE)
  • Steve's LADSPA plugins
  • TAP Tom's Audio Processing plugins.

Funny things, midi related:

Samples and Soundfonts: Most of these are sites I've only visited once, so you will have to sort out the licensing for yourself... (list found on the linux-audio-user list)

Follow the FluidR3/Hammersound link at bottom right

Click on "MDK - Machinae Drum Kit sample pack (rar)"

Gig files and file converters:

Gig files

You can use 'gigextract' to extract either all as well as individual samples from a gig file. 'man gigextract' for details

Linux Audio Development website:

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