Infos about usage of the M-Audio Midisport 8x8:


  • cool midi device
  • can be used as programmable mergebay when on the road (no computer connected)
  • ALSA support via the snd-usb-audio driver
  • 8in and 8out ports
  • virtual control port to configure the patchbay of the device for offline use
  • Patchbay can be programmed via sysex. A simple shell script to do this is available ( )


  • Firmware needs to be loaded, and the firmware needs to be extracted from the windows driver
  • You have to use a firmware loader script, see
  • No Linux support by m-audio. The webpage only points to the ALSA project

Didn't test:
SMPTE-Control (for syncing video machines to MIDI)

Works well on Linux, more convenient as on Win XP BTW.

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