Check out the tour for some quick information about MusE. There are also some tutorials on the Tutorials page which should help you get into MusE. There is also a demos page that we hope will soon be filled with good demonstrations of what MusE can do.

The current (or rather, not so current...) documentation is on the Manual page, there is also more information added to a more recent effort, still far from completed, available here



Installation instructions

Check the Installation page for basic instructions on how to compile and install MusE. When starting from the developer version, be sure to check out the GIT page for information about how to get it working.


Want to see more of what MusE looks like, check the Screenshots page.


There are lots of people using MusE for recording and creating music and other creative activities. Some of the people using and creating MusE regularily meet online.

We very much encourage people to take part in the further development of MusE check the Helping out page for ideas and other information about what you can do.

Do you want write access to the WIKI? please ask on the mailing list.


The forum has unfortunately suffered a terrible fate and seems irreversible garbled. :(

Please join us on the mailing lists listed below instead.

As of 10th of february 2011 we now have a forum (tada!, we have finally entered the new millenium) as an alternative discussion medium. It is available here:<del>

Mailing Lists

If you want to get in touch with this part of the commmunity be sure to register on one or more of the mailing lists listed here: The MusE mailing lists

IRC chat

MusE now has it's own IRC chat channel where some of the developers and users hang out. For instant access do try it!

The channel is called #lmuse. There are lots of specifically tailored IRC clients, though if you are not a regular IRC user an easy way to access the page is through a web-based client, for instance:

Bug reporting

Report a bug if you found a bug or want to request a feature.


Tools / Programs which you should know!
Links to MusE related things
Art MusE related fan art

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