Some pointers to tools that might enhance your usage of MusE and Linux-Audio in general.

Instead of wasting my time while rewriting what other do better anyway i recommend anyone to have a look at this marvellous webpage:

little helpers

  • countbeats:, very useful utility if you have a song in your head and want to set MusE to the exact right tempo. Just tap the spacebar and countbeats will tell you the beats per minute.
  • ecasound:, swiss army knife of command line audio applications, very useful if you need to playback, record and/or do some operation in batches.
  • alsaplayer:, an audio player with support for Jack, very good together with Jamin when you are mastering your piece.

free softsynthis/samplers

linux softsynths:

  • MusE internal ones:
    • Vam
    • Organ
    • S1
    • fluid
    • fluidsynth
    • deicsonze
    • simpledrums
  • zynaddsubfx
Nice full featured software synthesizers fully compatible with MusE.
  • hydrogen
Drum synthesizer now with even more nice samples.

comercial softsynthis using wine

How to use them with MusE? Read more here: muse_vst

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